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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for AutismUp classes?

Registration is required for all classes, and most events, and should be completed online.  Open enrollment closes approximately one week prior to the  start of class.  Once the open enrollment period has ended, AutismUp will accept registrations if space is available and will assess a late registration fee of $25. 

A Family Profile must be completed and on file in order to process a registration.  The Family Profiles must be on file one week prior to the start of the class.  Participants cannot attend the first session without a Family Profile on file in advance.  Registration is not complete until payment method is secured.  Steps to register:

  1. Complete a Family Profile using our online form.  This must be completed prior to registering for programs.  If you already have a Family Profile on file, proceed to step 2.
  2. Complete an online Program Registration form here. *Our registration system allows for the addition of multiple participants on one profile and form.
  3. You will receive a an email confirmation upon completion of your registration, which includes a $25 deposit that will be credited toward the total balance due for the semester.

What payment options are available?

During the registration process, you will be required to provide a $25 deposit to reserve your space(s), and will select your preferred payment option.  Our Finance Department will then follow up with you via email or phone to confirm your billing preference and collect payment information.  Monthly installment billing will post on the 16th of each month.  Payment in full for the entire semester is due by the first of the month following registration.
*Please note that in some cases, the actual billing date may vary slightly depending on the date of registration, particularly for late registration or mid-term registration.

How does the Monthly Installment Payment Plan work?

  1. An electronic invoice will be emailed from the AutismUp Finance Department stating the balance due for the first month. 
  2. The invoice may be paid with a credit card or an electronic bank draft allowing AutismUp to store account information and bill automatically.
  3. AutismUp will automatically bill the account for each future month, prior to the first of the month.
  4. You will receive an email receipt for each payment processed, suitable to submit for Family Reimbursement, if desired.
  5. To pay your balance in full for the remainder of the semester (through June 2018) at any time, email

What payment methods are accepted for the monthly installment plan or payment-in-full?

  • Credit card
  • Cash/check
  • Electronic checks
  • Billing available for Self-Directed funds

Important notes about payments:

  • Participant is responsible for payment to AutismUp in the case of denied coverage under the individual's self-direction budget
  • There is a $20 fee for anything returned to AutismUp, including, but not limited to: insufficient funds, closed bank account, invalid credit card number
  • Individual Sessions require a 24 hour cancellation notice; exceptions may be made in the case of an emergency situation

What is a deposit vs. a registration fee?

A single deposit of $25 is always required to hold a space in one or more classes upon registration.  The deposit counts toward the class fees and will be deducted from the first month's payment.  The deposit can be submitted for reimbursement.

A registration fee is collected for any late registration following the conclusion of the specified open enrollment period, and is made in addition to a deposit.  The purpose is to cover administrative planning time required to revise staffing in order to provide the best participant experience.  The registration fee does not count towards the price of the class itself.  Registration fees may not likely be approved for reimbursement.

Does AutismUp accept Self-Direction or Medicaid funds for payment?

  • AutismUp does accept Self-Direction payments
  • Deposits paid will be credited toward your first month's class(es)
  • You may submit your deposit receipts to your Fiscal Intermediary for reimbursement (this may not apply to registration fees)
  • The AutismUp Finance Department will contact the Fiscal Intermediary that you provide as part of your registration to arrange monthly payments
  • Families are responsible for payment of any balance which is not covered by Self Directed Funds
  • AutismUp does not accept Medicaid at this time

What is the AutismUp refund policy?

Classes that are cancelled due to low enrollment will receive a full refund.  Other refunds are given on a case-by-case basis.  No refunds will be given for absences.  Refunds will be processed within five business days

What is the AutismUp cancellation Policy?

Participants may withdraw from class with no penalty with 30 days written notice to the AutismUp Finance Department at

Does AutismUp provide financial assistance?

The Richard and Nancy Dorschel Family Foundation Scholarship Program makes scholarships available toward one class per semester for eligible families.  A scholarship form must be completed for each request and sent to the program office along with the top two pages of the most recent tax returns.  A completed online registration form and deposit is also required.  Scholarship applicants will be notified within one week of all materials received.  An invoice will be sent for any remaining balance and payment must be made in adherence to the due date. For families who choose monthly billing, they will be charged a reduced rate monthly.

How do I purchase an AutismUp gift card? 

Gift cards are available in any denomination and may be used towards any class, program or special event.  To purchase a gift card on line, click here, select an amount and specify how you want to receive your card.  To purchase a gift card by check or cash, please email or call us at (585) 248-9011.  Gift cards are available to purchase in person during normal operating hours and at on site member events.

Do I have to stay onsite while my child is in a class?

Families of children 6 and younger, and/or who are not potty trained, must stay on site at all times.

Families of children 7 - 12 are asked to stay on site for the first two weeks of programming.

Families of children 13+ are not required to stay on site unless they have a history of challenging behavior.

Any family may be required to stay on site if their child exhibits

  • Harmful behavior to themselves or others
  • Hurtful or inappropriate language towards themselves or others
  • Elopement attempts
  • Frequent refusal of rules
  • Seizures within the past year (or other concerning medical conditions)

A "late pick up fee" applies if you are not on time for pick up.

Do I need to sign my child in and out of the building?

Yes, all participants must be signed in and out of the building by a caregiver and/or authorized individual.  The only exception is if the participant has written permission to leave independently.  AutismUp must receive a written notice and have it on file from a parent/guardian.

What is your behavior management approach?

AutismUp has a “Hands Off ” approach, except in the case of an emergency.  We strive to meet the individual support needs of each participant through a comprehensive intake process, thoughtful recommendations and placement, and tailored behavioral interventions.  The safety of all participants and staff is a priority at all times.  AutismUp will make recommendations/changes to program activities and placement, as needed, to ensure the success and safety of all participants and staff.

Does AutismUp have a video surveillance system?

AutismUp is equipped with video surveillance cameras inside program spaces, in order to monitor activities by AutismUp employees and administration.  The cameras are positioned to view a majority of the center activities, but certain areas of the center may not be clearly viewable.  Bathrooms do not contain cameras.  While working at, or visiting AutismUp, you are authorizing AutismUp to record and use the recordings in any lawful manner deemed necessary.  Program participants, parents and guests are expected to adhere to all posted facility rules and signs.

What is the dress code/shoe policy at AU?

The AutismUp Multi-Sensory Learning Environment is a recreation and "gym" space.  Comfortable attire is welcome and appropriate clean, indoor footwear (clean shoes and socks) is required in all program spaces, including the gym floor at all times.  The only exception is the trampoline - no shoes, but socks are required.  For safety, participants may not use fitness equipment without appropriate footwear.  Participants may want to consider dressing in layers as temperatures vary between classrooms, the sensory gym and between activities.  Coat/sweater hooks and cubbies are available for use during programming. 

We appreciate that accidents happen, so AutismUp maintains a supply of clean clothing in the event an item is soiled while in a class.  Socks are available for use on the trampoline for a small fee.

Are classes open to siblings?

AutismUp classes are offered to individuals of every ability.  We welcome families to register siblings.

Do you have open gym hours?

Yes, please refer to the Open Sensory Gym page for a schedule of dates and times.

What if I have questions about an invoice I have received?

Please send an email to, or contact Jennifer Muñoz, at (585)-248-9011, ext. 112 .

Where is AutismUp located?  Do you have multiple locations?

The AutismUp Multi-Sensory Learning Envrionment is located at 855 Publishers Parkway, off of Five Mile Line Road, in Webster which is home to our fitness and sensory gym.  Certain programs are held at locations within the community due to the specialized nature of the program, including: area YMCA's, RIT, Nazareth, Norman Howard School, Holy Childhood and the Webster Recreation Center.  Refer to the Programs, Classes and Workshops section for a listing of all available programs and their specific locations.

Does AutismUp provide transportation to and from programs?

No, participants are responsible for providing their own transportation.

Can AutismUp provide an autism diagnosis?

AutismUp is a support organization providing programs and services to support individuals and families living with autism spectrum disorder.  We do not provide diagnoses at AutismUp.  Click here for information about Autism Evaluations locally. 

Can AutismUp recommend a professional or provider familiar with autism?

We do not make recommendations but we have lists of community resources here.  We suggest you visit our Services and Support section, and take advantage of your membership and our network of 2,000 members!  Our private AutismUp Parents Facebook Group allows you to ask other parents for recommendations and/or suggestions.

Can AutismUp help me navigate my child's individual school program?

AutismUp offers private consultations for all matters associated with parenting a child with autism.  Learn more here.

When is AutismUp open?

AutismUp hours of operation vary each semester based on program schedules.  AutismUp administrative office hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 AM - 2 PM.  Most of our programs are held after school and on the weekends, and program schedules are generally late afternoon/evenings Monday through Thursday, and Saturdays. 

Can I use your space outside of program hours?

AutismUp hosts many community organizations and offers Community Based Instruction, group playgroups and professional training.  See our Supports and Services section. 

Can I hold a birthday party at AutismUp?

Yes, birthday parties are held on Sundays.  See our Supports and Services section.  Contact for available dates and pricing. 

Am I able to drop in for a tour or play time?

We are generally available for "Tour Tuesdays" or "Walk In Wednesdays" between the hours of 10 AM - 2 PM for a tour.  Email us at to schedule a visit.

Does AutismUp require any waivers or releases?

A waiver is required for all programs/classes, Open Gym, family events, birthday parties, and the like.   We also request but do not require a photo release, which helps ensure that we have a rich and realistic array of pictures of our programs for promotional and fundraising purposes.  Both are embedded in the Family Profile for programs/classes/workshops,  and included in registration forms or requested on paper for other activities. 

I’d like to hold a fundraiser for AutismUp.  Who do I contact?

We love it when our members and others in the community hold their own fundraisers for AutismUp!  You can contact Beth Ciardi at for more information on how we can support your efforts on behalf of AutismUp.

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