Autism Risk + Safety

Information For First Responders:

On November 6th, 2008, AutismUp was pleased to sponsor Dennis Debbaudt for specialized training in autism risk and safety management.  Dennis is a world leading authority on the development of curriculum training tools and techniques for law enforcement professionals.  With over 10 years of experience presenting autism related law enforcement training sessions, his presentations received outstanding reviews from those who participated.

Mr. Debbaudt provided training to the Greater Rochester area in two parts.  The first part, scheduled for police and emergency first response personnel at the Public Safety Training Facility, and the second part for parents and community was well attended. For a handout from the presentation please click here.

Many people with autism have trouble communicating. Click here for Autism Communication Cards that may be helpful when coming in contact with someone who has autism.

The Autism Society of America also has tips for First Responders, along with fact sheets and brochures.  Click herefor more information.

Mr. Debbaubt offered many ways for parents and community to disclose the needs of individuals with autism to those who come into contact with them in law enforcement and other high risk situations.  He stated the high need for community involvement.  Some of the ways include the following:

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Another site with helpful resources :

Link to booklet from OMRDD

Link to Autism Speaks Kit