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LinkUp is a social group designed for individuals ages 18-21 readying for adulthood.

Join us for this new transition group as our teens get ready to engage with other young adults here at AutismUp and the greater community.  This class is specifically designed for those ages 18-21 as they prepare for adult hood.  Focus will be tailored to group interests and center on skills and strategies such as self-confidence, social awareness, communication and self-advocacy.

  • $160
  • Apr 05 - Jun 14
  • Spring Semester
    • Wednesday6:30pm - 7:30pm
Teen Adult Social

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  • A representative of AutismUp will contact you by phone if there are any issues with your registration.
  • To apply for a scholarship, please complete a Scholarship Request Form and send the first two pages of your most recent tax return to:  AutismUp, Attention: Program Office.
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