Autism Risk + Safety Training

Autism Risk + Safety Training

Monroe County SPIN 911 Registration 

Autism-Wandering-Awareness-Alerts-Response-Education | AWAARE

The AWAARE program works to prevent wandering incidents, and deaths resulting from wandering, within the autism community.  The program package includes safety information, forms, caregiver and first responder tool kits, and The Big Red Safety Box for families.

First Responder Disability Awareness Training | FR-DAT

First Responder Disability Awareness Training (FR DAT) is essential for emergency first responders in order to ensure proper response to individuals with disabilities (IWDs).  AutismUp is proud to be a partner to Niagara University in the development and execution of this initiative.  To learn more about the program please visit

Why is this training essential?  Everyone can benefit from disability awareness training; it is not unique to first responders.  However, a first responder’s presence at emergency situations that call for a response to challenging behaviors, alleged criminal conduct, physical/medical needs, assistance in a matter, or service and protection, are imperative to the well-being and quality of life for the individual(s) they are interacting with.  Individuals with disabilities may require responses that vary from typical daily encounters.  If uneducated about this topic, results can be negative, some even catastrophic.  This training is specifically targeted to situations emergency first responders may find themselves in and prepares them to respond safely for the benefit of themselves and the individual with special needs. 

If you are a First Responder or a parent who would like to learn more:

  • Click here for Autism Communication Cards that may be helpful when coming in contact with someone who has autism.
  • Visit The Autism Society of America to view tips for First Responders, fact sheets and brochures.  Click here for more information.
  • To learn how you can collaborate with AutismUp to schedule a training for your local law enforcement, fire department or EMT, email us at

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