Family Navigator

Family Navigator

Family Navigator Programs in Rochester 

Family Navigator @ The Levine Autism Clinic 

The AutismUp Family Navigator at The Levine Autism Clinic at The University of Rochester Medical Center, and provides: 

  • Assistance for families with general coordination of care for children
  • Family advocacy, information, resources and support
  • Liaison between medical staff and patients to facilitate most effective communication and care
  • Assistance for families in understanding and selecting therapies, medications, specialties, and other options

The Family Navigator will help you to provide the best possible outcomes for your child.  Contact one of the Family Navigators at the Levine Autism Clinic at 585-275-2986. 

The Autism Family Navigator is made possible through a collaboration with AutismUp and the Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Family Navigator @ AutismUp 

The Family Navigator at AutismUp provides: 

  • Monthly Connections meet-ups for parents, providing facilitated support
  • Workshops and speakers at AutismUp
  • Individualized family information, resources and support

The Family Navigator will help you to provide the best possible outcomes for your child.  Contact the AutismUp Family Navigator at 585-248-9011, ext. 114 or 

Family Navigator @ Jewish Federation

The Jewish Community Navigator provides:

  • Consultation and resources to local Jewish organizations 
  • Resources and support for individuals with disabilities and their families  
  • Assistance for local service agencies to better serve their Jewish clients  
  • Opportunities for local Jewish families to come together as a community 

The Jewish Community Navigator is a collaboration with Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester. More information can be found at  Contact the Navigator at  

The Jewish Community Navigator is made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation.

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