Where Do I Go For An Evaluation?

Where do I go for an evaluation?

Neuordevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at URMC

The Levine Autism Clinic, opened in April 2017, houses the primary clinical services program of the Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  This multidisciplinary program provides individualized evaluation and specialty health care to children with known or suspected developmental disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Spina Bifida and Intellectual Disability.

The Levine Autism Clinic, 200 River Road, Rochester, New York (585) 275-2986 https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/childrens-hospital/developmental-disabilities/services.aspx

Behavioral Pediatrics Program at RGH

The Rochester General Hospital Behavioral Pediatrics Program is an interdisciplinary practice specializing in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of children and adolescents with behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and emotional disorders. The focus of the program is on evaluation, intervention, treatment, and collaboration with families, schools, and clinicians.

Rochester General Hospital Parnall Office Building 1445 Portland Ave, Suite 204 Rochester, NY 14621 (585) 922-4698 http://www.rochestergeneral.org/rochester-general-hospital/centers-and-services/women-and-children-services/pediatrics/behavioral-pediatrics-program/

Evaluations for Adults

Dr. Carolyn Magyar,  (585) 797-8802

Dr. Bryan Harrison (585) 248-8740 http://www.bryanharrisonphd.com/

What should I do if my child is diagnosed with ASD?

Contact AutismUp at (585) 248-9011.  We will assist your family as you navigate next steps.  We can provide you with a Family Navigation Handbook, membership and consultation services.

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