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Social Awareness and Expression

Social Awareness and Expression is a class designed to educate and encourage the healthy expression of one’s self within group and friendship dynamics. Through guided self-awareness activities and advocacy, participants will have opportunities to foster and create more meaningful and positive relationships (at home and in the community). Participants will utilize multiple mediums to increase their self-awareness, self-expression while encouraging fun, shared perspectives and partnership. Participants will gain a more well-rounded understanding of themselves as well as learn how to identify different responses in themselves related to topics presented, discussed and stumbled upon. Participants will work together to problem solve and use strategies learned each week to build better relationships and advocate effectively. Participants will also increase their skills for success in interpersonal relationships, and create their own self-awareness tool box throughout the term that they will be able to take home and utilize at the end of the class!

Category: Readiness

Class Ages: 16+

Criteria: Participants of all abilities, open to the public

Goals: Building confidence, self-awareness, social readiness, problem-solving, relationship-building

Outcomes: Confidence, self-awareness, problem solving

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