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Have virtUAl fun. Stay virtUAlly fit. Make virtUAl friends.

During this unprecedented global crisis, your local autism support organization is here to help decrease the isolation our 2,500 families are feeling every day. We will stay connected and engaged with you, utilizing technology and creativity. And, everything we are offering to support individuals and families during this challenging time is provided free of charge. We are all in this together, and together we will fly strong.
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It’s important to keep up on sensory, social, readiness and fitness skills while you can't be in programs at AutismUp, so we'll be sharing activities, instructional videos, links, apps, hosting Minecraft, Zoom meet ups and streaming live Music and Baking videos for you to try while you're home!

Daily activities will vary and be applicable to a broad range of age groups. We hope you will find something you'd like to try!

Live Music | Arts & Crafts | Social Skills | Readiness Skills | Problem Solving & Experimental Activities | Sensory Fun | Fitness | Minecraft & Virtual Meet Ups & Much More

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