Social Communication Club at Nazareth (SCCAN)

The ‘Social Communication Club at Nazareth  (SCCAN)’ is an after school club for (pre-) teens in grades 7-10. This club provides opportunities for teens with similar social communication skills to learn and practice social communication skills with same age peers in natural more settings. Using a project-based approach to teach social skills the club will explore social topics such as getting others attention, complimenting others, listening skills, friendships and other social skills to establish and maintain friendships and relationships. Together teens and clinicians will collaborate and communicate their strengths and interests in the creation of a final project to share during the family celebration on May 3, 2017. On a weekly basis additional practice opportunities are shared with the families to reinforce skills and strategies outside the club. 

SCCAN is most appropriate for (pre-) teens who are interested in additional opportunities for practice of social communication skills necessary for success in school and community settings.  Students should have the ability to engage in conversational speech and have basic understanding of the importance of social interaction while being able to work in a group of 10-12 peers.

SCCAN will run for 11 sessions starting February 1, 2017 on WEDNESDAYS from 5-6 pm and ending May 3, 2017 (with the exception of 2/22, 3/15, 4/19) at Norman Howard School (275 Pinnacle Road, Rochester). The social communication club is facilitated by clinicians from Nazareth College Speech and Hearing Clinic.

The cost for the 11-week program is $120.

How to register:

  1. Complete a family profile using our online form.  This must be completed prior to registering for programs.
  2. Complete winter semester registration form, click here*Our New System allows for you to add multiple participants on one profile and form!
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from Constant Contact indicating your completed registration.

** Someone from AutismUp will call you if there are any issues, with your registration.

** If applying for a scholarship, please complete a Scholarship Request Form and send the first 2 pages of your most recent tax return to AutismUp, attention: Program Office.

** Installment billing is available to all families at no extra cost.