Summer Program at the YMCA

AutismUp Social Skills Summer Program
AutismUp is busy preparing for Summer 2017!  Our summer program will run July 10 – August 18. Camper Application will be available in early March.

This program is available to all children with ASD between the ages of 4 and 16. Specialized instruction makes it possible for the campers to be fully included in regular camp activities. AutismUp hires professionals who specialize in working with children with ASD and other disabilities to support our campers alongside the YMCA staff.

2017 Summer Camp Flyer

Goals of the Program

  1. Make simple choices
  2. Share personal space with other campers
  3. Engage in turn-taking games
  4. Transition from one activity to another with minimal support
  5. Successfully enter into an unfamiliar or uncomfortable environment
  6. Self-monitor his/her anxiety, and communicate appropriately his/her needs to reduce that anxiety
  7. Listen to another peer and engage in a conversational exchange
  8. Appropriately initiate a conversation or interaction with another peer
  9. Accept losing and/or acknowledge disappointment when losing
  10. Understand the difference between expected and unexpected behavior, and its implications

Eligibility Requirements for Camp Admission
All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be between the ages of 4 and 16;
  2. Independently toilet trained;
  3. Have the ability to communicate his/her needs to camp counselor (verbal or non-verbal); ie. hunger, pain, or personal needs;
  4. For campers 12 and older, must be able to change clothes independently;
  5. Is not abusive to him/herself or others (this includes physical, verbal or sexual abuse of self or others)

Directions to Apply:

  1. Complete a 2017 family profile using our online form.  This must be completed prior to registering for programs.
  2. Download appropriate camp location application found below.  Complete the application and send to AutismUp with all supporting documentation (financial assistance application, OPWDD Notice of Decision, Immunization Record, and/or Medication Authorization Form).
  3. You will receive an invoice by email within 2 weeks of completed family profile and application (make sure to include ALL supporting documentation, otherwise your application cannot be processed.)

2017 Camp Arrowhead Application
Camp Arrowhead Medication Authorization Form
2017 Camp Bay View Application
Camp Bay View Medication Authorization Form
YMCA Financial Assistance Application

All acceptances of application are conditional. AutismUp reserves the right to accept or deny applications or defer admission on site or prior to attendance should it later become aware that the initial application was flawed or upon demonstration that a camper does not meet the applicable eligibility criteria.

Campers who attend the full-day program, do not have AutismUp support during their lunch period. Please only register your child for full day camp if they can handle a half-hour lunch period without our extra support. 

Campers are limited to 4 weeks of camp.