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Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis

Be part of a comprehensive analysis that will amplify and unite our voices to represent varied perspectives.
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The Build Up Roc Housing Initiative is gaining momentum, and we're thrilled to bring you the latest updates. Check out the information that follows for more information and our projected timeline, and a big shoutout to our current lead sponsors: Lifetime Assistance, Heritage Christian, Homesteads for Hope, and Starbridge. These sponsors aren't just funding the cost of this analysis; they're active participants in the process, investing their time, resources, and talent. We're incredibly grateful for their support.

Overview: Accessible and suitable housing options are scarce in our region, especially for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. AutismUp is gearing up to launch a groundbreaking comprehensive housing analysis for Rochester. Partnering with First Place, a highly respected company with a proven track record of similar successful analyses nationwide, we aim to identify what's working, pinpoint common housing obstacles, and, most importantly, understand the community's vision for the future. The final report will be instrumental in shaping legislation, removing barriers, securing funding, and, hopefully, bringing hope to families who are rightfully worried about the future.

Project Management: While AutismUp has no plans to develop housing, we serve over 3,700 families, many of whom are desperate for more viable housing options in our area, which drives this initiative. To decrease participation burden, we're taking the lead on managing the details, collecting sponsorships, and ensuring we stick to our timeline. Thanks to the pledges and commitments we've received, covering approximately half of the total cost, we were able to book First Place. However, we're still seeking additional funding. Please see the attachments for details on becoming a sponsor. Your support will help ensure this analysis gets completed. Families do not need to sponsor this initiative to participate, but some have, highlighting Rochester's commitment to solving the housing crisis.

Timeline: Please refer to the attached timeline for an overview of this analysis. We have set aside dates in April for discussions with committed individuals and to encourage others to join us. Once you learn more, we're confident you'll want to be involved. Our goal is for everyone to feel welcome and to take "their seat at the table." This collaboration with families is a unique opportunity to build a foundation for a better future. By the end of April, we aim to have a committed team of community members who understand the project's importance and are inspired to recruit others to attend our empower and educate sessions launching in May. This comprehensive approach offers hope for a better future. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR DATES AND LINKS TO MEETINGS IN APRIL. Three days and times are being offered in hopes that one will fit into your schedule. If not, we can provide you with a recording or 1:1 call to ensure you feel prepared and excited to move forward.

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