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Lemonade Stands for AutismUp

Join the Lemonade Brigade and Squeeze the Day for AutismUp
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This sweet summer activity makes a big difference.

Be a part of our Lemon-Aid Stand fundraiser & help AutismUp soar!

Here's the juice...

What: Host your very own lemonade stand this summer.

Why: Raise money to support AutismUp and make a big difference in our community!

When: Anytime now through August 25th!

Lemonade Kit

Kits include:

  • AutismUp Official Lemonade Stand Sun Visor
  • AutismUp Charity Bracelet
  • AU Lemonade Stand Sign
  • Gingham Tablecover
  • Party Paper Straws sponsored by Roc Paper Straws
  • Make-Your-Own Lemonade Banner Craft
  • Balloons
  • Sunglasses for Sunny Days

Here's how to join the fun:

  1. Get Your Kit: Swing by AutismUp at the Golisano Autism Center to pick up one of 50 special lemonade kits (first come, first served), or contact Amber Rodemerk at to reserve. If you are participating in our Lemonade Stand Challenge using your own set up, please let us know you're participating so we can cheer you on via social media!
  2. Set UP your Stand: Get creative, and design the most a-peel-ing lemonade stand in your neighborhood! Think about selling more than just lemonade.
  3. Sell Lemonade: Serve up smiles and refreshing lemonade to your neighbors and friends. Thank them for supporting AutismUp!
  4. Donate: Donate your proceeds to AutismUp and help support individuals with autism. Send a check from your sale to AutismUp with your name and an email once your sale is complete. Better yet, join us for a big "Photo Op" day when the Lemonade Brigade meets up for a giant check reveal, prize pick-up and photo! (September 2024, Date To Be Announced!)
  5. Get entered into a Prize Raffle! Everybody that participates gets put into a raffle to win a prize! The top three teams earn Olympic Status and a Gold, SIlver or Bronze Medal.

Imagine the fun you'll have while helping a wonderful cause. Let's make this summer sweet and unforgettable!

For more information or to get your Lemonade Kit, contact Amber Rodemerk at or 585-248-9011 x116.

Ready, set, SQUEEZE the day!

P.S. - Share pictures of your lemonade stand adventure with us on social media using #LemonadeForAutismUp and look for the #Dont'BeASourPuss Challenge on social media.

Follow us on: Instagram at AutismUpRoc and Facebook!

Straws donated by Rock, Paper, Straws.

Join the Fun. Make a Difference. Support AutismUp!

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How to register:

For more information or to get your Lemonade Kit, contact Amber Rodemerk at or 585-248-9011 x116.

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