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Autism is a journey. Journeys are adventures. Adventures are stories.

Let's embark on a journey, together. You are not alone. AutismUp has built pathways for families growing up with autism, and we encourage you to follow them and help us build new pathways along the way by sharing stories.
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Set your goals; learn new things; get out; get going; dare to try something new; explore new destinations; discover your dreams.

Where have you been? Where will your journey take you? Let's share our stories!

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. - Walt Disney

Just because COVID has us cooped up, doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to explore and grow. We wish to turn your attention to what lies ahead - the adventures we have yet to take. We may not feel like we can go far geographically, but we do have far to go as we grow up with autism. Far to go to unlock potential, possibilities and dreams. This is what adventure is made of - getting out of our comfort zones, testing our limits, challenging boundaries. AutismUp aspires to bring all of our families along as we journey to discover all the ways we can move onward, and upward!

The old wanderlust had gotten into his blood, the joy of the unbound life, the joy of seeking, of hoping without limit. - Upton Sinclair

We'll bring you stories from our members, families, staff, supporters and more about their own growing adventures! Check out our features, blogs, promotions and profiles all year long beginning this April. We hope to inspire and support you as you create your own autism story.

To share a story or anecdote and be featured in our WaNDERLuST series, please click here!

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