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The AutismUp Parents Facebook group is a private group for AutismUp "Family" members only. It allows you to connect with other parents & guardians who are members of AutismUp, from anywhere you are, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you are not yet a member, please join AutismUp through the Membership section of this website. As a "Family" member, you will receive an invitation to join the AutismUp Parents Facebook group(s). Use of the group is subject to the AutismUp Parents FB Group Policy. Any user infraction of the policy is subject to removal from the group at the discretion of AutismUp. Please review the Guidelines for Usage below.

If you are an AutismUp "Family" Member, and are not yet in the AutismUp Parents FB Group, please send an email to

AutismUp Parents Facebook Group can be accessed at:

Group Rules

All members of this group must abide by the rules. This private group is for the exclusive use of AutismUp’s Family members. AutismUp family membership is required to be a member of this Facebook group. Membership in this Facebook group is a privilege and not a right.

Only members of this group can see the group, who is in the group, and what members post. Post content is confidential and may not be shared outside the group. This group is private. Personal/identifying information about any member of the group may not be shared outside the group (via email/verbally/in person) without verbal/written permission from the original source. Confidentiality is paramount.

Any member can add members, but the group administrator must approve them. If the proposed group member is not a current AutismUp family member, their addition to the Facebook group will remain pending until their AutismUp membership is processed.

The following posts are not permitted and will be immediately deleted:
Posts selling items or services will be deleted.
Posts promoting fundraising for other organizations.
Posts not directly related to supporting families with autism.
Post regarding vaccines.
Posts deemed inappropriate by an administrator.

This group is for parents only. No programming staff from AutismUp has access to this group. For any questions about AutismUp programs, please contact he programming office at 248-9011.

When posting about issues with your child's school or medical professionals, no names or identifying information are to be shared.

Treat others with respect, courtesy and kindness. NO inflaming, bashing or disrespectful posts are allowed. This is a judgment-free, supportive, helpful space. No identifying/personalizing names of teachers, therapists, medical professionals in a post.

ANY VIOLATION of these rules will result in immediate removal from the group

AutismUp Membership

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