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Online Discussion Forums

The AutismUp Parents Facebook group is a private group for AutismUp "Family" members only.  It allows you to connect with other parents & guardians who are members of AutismUp, from anywhere you are,  24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   

If you are not yet a member, please join AutismUp through the Membership section of this website.  As a "Family" member, you will receive an invitation to join the AutismUp Parents Facebook group(s).  Use of the group is subject to the AutismUp Parents FB Group Policy.  Any user infraction of the policy is subject to removal from the group at the discretion of AutismUp.  Please review the Guidelines for Usage below.

If you are an AutismUp "Family"  Member, and are not yet in the AutismUp Parents FB Group, please send an email to

AutismUp Parents Facebook Group can be accessed at:

Group Guidelines

  • STAY ON TOPIC. We are discussing support, opportunities, challenging situations and sharing pertinent information to support our children and families living with autism.
  • Before posting, check the SUBJECT TITLE. Does it reflect the content of your post? If not, change the subject title before posting. If you are receiving the digest version of the list, PLEASE CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE to reflect the post you are answering.
  • Use copy and paste when replying to a post. Some email services will automatically paste the entire post into your reply. If so, highlight and delete all unnecessary text before sending your reply. In addition, PLEASE, make sure you include enough of the topic in your reply so that we can all figure out what you are referring too.
  • Please do not post items that are forwarded around the internet (ex., urban legends, tear-jerker stories, etc.)
  • When posting a quote from a web site, please post the link in your email.
    Proper credit must be given.
  • Please sign your name to your posts.
  • Please restrict your SIGNATURE LINES to four or less, including your name. Those on digest will appreciate the fewer lines to scroll through as they check for the content of the posts.
  • Please be respectful.  We are all here to learn and share information. Be patient with each other as we are all at different points and struggling with different issues. No flaming, or thoughtless posts will be tolerated. Members who do not abide by this rule will be immediately removed from the list.
  • Please DO NOT name any other families, school staff or professionals by name. You may however discuss your district and program that your child attends, services you utilize, etc.

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