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The Bradshaw Family Story

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The first things that helped us after Nolan’s diagnosis were the AutismUp Parents Facebook Group and the staff themselves. We were new to medicines and with the help of that page we were able to find answers and new medications to try. Parents who medicate understand that the first shot of a medicine/dosage rarely works, so being able to understand the potential side effects ahead of time was a huge help. The Navigators at AutismUp helped me to understand what questions to ask when seeking autism services, where to find providers, and answered any general questions using their own experiences with special needs.

Our first program was the Minecraft club and boy, what a difference that made in our lives. Our son was excited to go somewhere!!! He was meeting friends!! I wasn’t worried about other kids not understanding him! WOW! Coaches who understood you are late because your child didn’t have the right milk and therefore a complete meltdown ensued. Trick or treating at the center with kids going back to their favorite booth over and over without being told no. AutismUp at Camp Bayview gave Nolan the traditional summer camp experience with peace of mind for myself that he was watched over by a coach who understands him. Parents understand I am paying attention even with my head on a swivel because they are doing it too!! I was shocked at how alike we are all while having extremely different situations. We know that Autism is hardly copy and paste amongst diagnoses.

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