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Hope Lights The Month

The month of April is dedicated to raising awareness and cultivating acceptance of those with autism. This is a global effort that AutismUp, and many other organizations, aspire to develop on a daily basis locally.



Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  Today, 1 in 68 is diagnosed with autism.  Today, individuals and families have help and hope for tomorrow.  Individuals and families living with autism are our friends, co-workers and neighbors, and we can help to insure positive opportunities and experiences that improve their quality of life.

The month of April is dedicated to raising awareness and cultivating acceptance of those with autism.  This is a global effort that AutismUp, and many other organizations, aspire to develop on a daily basis locally.  

In 2004, the autism incidence rate began its steep climb, and four local mothers in a coffee shop began their quest to share meaningful information and support.  Today, more than 2,000 families have joined them, creating a circle of support like none other.  Today, this organization is AutismUp.  Fortunately for our community, complimentary resources have also evolved - all with a common goal of helping to further support the autism community.  

As science continues to explore the causes for the rise of autism, parents and families have realized the scope of support needed for their loved ones, today.  AutismUp represents this community of families and has created programs and services that offer help for today and hope for tomorrow. We are not alone.  We stand "UP" with many partners in the community and we recognize the efforts of all to improve quality of life for those with autism.  AutismUp would like to thank our colleagues at all the organizations and agencies that are helping to support the local autism community.  We are all in this together!  

You can help support our efforts by joining AutismUp on Saturday, April 29 for the "Hope Lights the Night Gala" at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center as we endeavor to grow up with our families.


In recognition of Autism Acceptance month, we want to share the opportunities that our AUsome community offers, and encourage you to find these services and access them.  This is not the end, but only the beginning!  In a mere decade, the services and supports offered by AutismUp locally have grown to include:

  • Social skills education and facilitated social opportunities for children, teens & young adults
  • Recreation and sports programs for all ages and abilities
  • Sensory-regulation equipment, programs and training
  • Professional trainings and workshops
  • Parent support and family activities
  • Access to national speakers and renowned experts in the field of autism
  • Community service for neuro-typical individuals to develop understanding and demonstrate the power of inclusion
  • After-school opportunities for collective interests and socialization
  • Programs to develop readiness skills and experiences designed to promote gainful employment
  • Programs to learn to ride bikes independently
  • Fitness and wellness training, and so much more!

We are thrilled to celebrate the one year anniversary of the establishment of our multi sensory learning environment in Webster.  It houses many innovative program offerings, in addition to the many that continue to be offered in the local community by AutismUp.  AutismUp allows families a place to convene, and serves to further expand and enhance programs driven by the needs of our families.  U are the reason AU exists for over a decade.  Be a part of our growth and help us reach the next phase of our expansion over the next decade!  

Spring and Summer program opportunities are available.  Visit for information or to pledge your support.

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