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Be part of a community of parents, professionals and people "who get it." Connected by one cause, one mission and one voice, together we can provide help for today and hope for a brighter tomorrow for those living with autism. Members of AutismUp have access to the very best autism programs, training, services and events in the area. We also offer an online message board for parents and guardians, so members can receive and share support 24/7, because autism lasts a lifetime, and sometimes it doesn't sleep. Join our community of 2,500 member families and find your voice.

Why join AutismUp?

"Be the change you wish to see in this world." - Mahatma Gandhi

We are guided by the ever present reality that what we want for our children with autism, may not exist, yet. We have been learning from, and listening to, families since we started in 2004. We continually ask families what they want for their children with autism. The responses guided the development of our programs, services and creation of our multi sensory learning environment.

• I want my child with autism to have friends.

• I want to meet others who get it.

• I want my child to be healthy.

• I want a place for my child to learn the basics to play sports.

• I want a safe and supportive environment.

• I want a break.

• I want to prepare my child for future employment.

• I want my child to learn how to be more independent.

• I want my child to learn to take turns. Because family comes first.

Who can join AutismUp?

AutismUp memberships are available to everyone, including:

  • Families (Parents and Guardians)
  • Professionals/Providers
  • Extended Family, Siblings, Friends, Community Partners and Volunteers
  • Individual Self Advocates (Adults with ASD and Related Disorders)

Membership Benefits

  • Access to social, sensory and recreation opportunities six days a week
  • Class offerings for all ages and abilities
  • Family gatherings and family swimming
  • Teen and adult outings and activities
  • High level of support, whatever the level of need
  • State-of-the-art equipment and the only sensory gym in our area
  • Innovative custom designed programs with special emphasis on sensory regulation, behavior support, and social communication
  • Access to individual personal training and wellness activities
  • Free speakers and support services
  • Connection with a community of more than 2,300 members
  • Advocacy efforts on behalf of AutismUp families to expand opportunities that improve quality of life
  • Stay informed with regular communications via email, social media, mail and more
  • Free High Speed Internet/WiFi on-site at our Multi-Sensory Learning Environment
  • Access to a Safe, Sensory-Based, Family-Friendly Facility
  • Facebook Private Parent Group* (for parents and guardians only)

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Membership to AutismUp has many benefits, including family navigation, access to a broad array of complimentary support services, registration notices, special events and more.


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