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Building on Priorities Associated with Parenting a Autistic Child

A combination seminar/discussion group/class. These working sessions emphasize the exchange of ideas and hands on learning gives participants a chance to demonstrate and apply newly acquired techniques, skills, and knowledge. Parents and caregivers will leave each workshop with tangible items that can be implemented at home and in the community immediately.

2024 Workshops
Wednesday evenings at 7pm

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January 10th, 7pm via Zoom: Connecting Eating Concerns and Autism:
A Parent and Caregiver’s Guide to Eating Disorders
Together, you will hear from eating disorder professionals and caregivers as they provide an overview of the eating issues commonly seen in children who have autism, with a focus on food selectivity. In this workshop, they will discuss, not only signs and symptoms of eating disorders, common types of eating disorders, but also the potential challenges with interventions currently available. They will share information and ideas on cognitive-behavioral approaches for treating eating disorders in youth with autism and provide useful tools and resources for parents and caregivers.

February 14th, 7pm via Zoom: Who's Who in your School District
Learn about what each educational staff is responsible for in your school district, how they support your student, and what role they plan in the educational environment.

March 13th, 7pm via Zoom: Circles of Support
Learn about a person centered approach to supporting your child with ASD.

April 10th, 7pm via Zoom: Social Skills
Learn strategies in engaging with your child and how to promote social skills in your every day lives.

May 8th, 7pm via Zoom: ASD in Females
ASD in females can often present differently than males. Learn more about what you may see, how they may feel, and how we can best support our daughters.

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