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EVERY GREAT CLIMB BEGINS WITH A STEP UP is our approach to all that we have accomplished since 2004 and how we intend to grow up with our families.

At AutismUp, our primary aspiration is to provide top-tier autism support programs and services in the Greater Rochester area and its surrounding regions. Our goal is to support peak performance at every age and ability.

We understand that each individual with autism is unique, and we strive to tailor our support to meet the specific needs of every participant. Why? Because we are parents of children with autism ourselves, and we truly empathize with the challenges and joys of this journey.

Our programs are born from our own experiences, as we have navigated the various developmental stages, witnessed a spectrum of behaviors, celebrated the highs, weathered the lows, shared laughter, and yes, shed tears. We've asked ourselves the very same questions that many parents of children with autism ponder: Will they succeed? Will they participate? Will there be sufficient support?

We all share the fundamental desire to be social and enjoy the company of others in our lives. We want our children to experience the joys of friendship, fun, and happiness. At AutismUp, we firmly believe in achieving these goals while simultaneously building essential social, recreational, sensory, and readiness skills for a lifetime.

You wouldn't send your child with autism to a program without the proper support and opportunities for success, and neither would we. That's why we've designed a unique Multi-Sensory Learning Environment. Here, individuals with autism, along with their families, can explore and learn in an innovative, safe, highly supported, sensory-friendly, and judgment-free setting.

Since our inception in 2004, we've been committed to learning from and listening to families. Their valuable insights have been instrumental in shaping our programs and services, as well as in creating our multi-sensory learning environment.

  • "I want my child with autism to have friends."
  • "I want to connect with others who understand."
  • "I want my child to stay healthy."
  • "I want a place for my child to learn the basics of playing sports."
  • "I want a safe and supportive environment."
  • "I want a break."
  • "I want to prepare my child for future employment."
  • "I want my child to become more independent."
  • "I want my child to learn to take turns, because family comes first."

Now, as we look toward the future, we're focused on supporting our children with autism as they transition into adulthood. AutismUp is committed to creating a lifelong community for our kids, their caregivers, and siblings. We are an organization made for families, by families, and we invite you to join us alongside the 3,400 families that have come together to uplift our children with autism. Together, we are forging a brighter path for our loved ones and building a supportive community that lasts a lifetime.

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