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Center for Community Transition

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AutismUp provides the very best in autism programs and services that help support individual growth and readiness skills. We pride ourselves in creating meaningful experiences and growing connections in our community for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. We've always had a family-first focus. As our children grow, we find ourselves ending the “entitlement” years with school and entering the world of “eligibility” for our young adults. In the spirit of supporting families throughout the lifespan, we are embarking on a new journey to support our young adults with autism and their families, within the Center for Community Transition.

The Center for Community Transition offers holistic, connected programs and services to improve successful life transitions from high school to college, career and independent living. Customized supports and services are provided directly to youth and young adults, their families, advocates, educators, professionals, service providers and area-wide employers. Working collaboratively with stakeholders, the transition team prepares young adults with disabilities to achieve their personal choices and goals, and access opportunities to fully participate in college, career and independent living.

As AutismUp walks alongside families on the journey to adulthood, we will share vital information about community resources, help strengthen the collective range of services offered, and increase access to these resources by a broader range of individuals and families. And, we'll advocate for appropriate services to fill gaps and work with community partners to meet the needs of those with autism and related disabilities in transition.

Programs and Services Offered:

NextUp: Creating Your Personal Life Story

NextUp uses a person-centered planning process to write a Life Story, the foundation for young adults who are transitioning from school to adult life, and individuals who have left the school system and want to define a pathway to move their life forward. The individual and their support circle explore and craft a vision for the future based on the individual’s strengths, interests, preferences, health and safety concerns. This story is exciting as it illustrates one's full life - hopes, dreams, goals AND actionable tasks to achieve them via our Full Life Academy. Learn more.

Full Life Academy

My Full Life is a holistic multi-dimensional program driven by a personalized plan as told through an individual's Life Story that supports the individual’s abilities and growth. This comprehensive skill development program is designed for older teens and young adults to learn and gain skills and strategies through comprehensive, person centered lesson plans. The Academy offers an array of community classes and focuses on individually-paced skill development, while utilizing a comprehensive and extensive person-centered skill assessment in eight core areas that make up a "full life." Learn more.

Family Navigation

Having a co-pilot along for the ride who has logged a few miles can be of great value while navigating and planning for transition. Obtain unbiased and individualized information and supports by reaching out to a Family Navigation Advisor. Navigation Advisors can help bridge relationships between individuals, families and providers; improve communication; and, help access timely and accurate information. Learn more.

Community Training and Technical Assistance

Available for schools, organizations, and businesses.
Please contact Jeanne Ricigliano at to learn more about collaborating on training, participant experiences, or joining our Business Advisory Council.

NextUp: Parent Education and Training

Our NextUp Education Series focuses exclusively on transition and adulthood. Join us on Monday evenings in-person or virtually as we cover common topics with professionals in our area. Please contact Jeanne Ricigliano at for more information.

NextUp 2023 Series Schedule

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