Career Connections: Business Advisory Council

Career Connections: Business Advisory Council

The AU Business Advisory Council acts independently, but in close partnership with the executive team. The BAC provides guidance on establishing business partnerships on three different levels as Nice Neighbors, Passionate Partners, and Eager Employers. Once those partnerships are established and in good standing, the BAC explores options based on current capabilities for sustainability and growth. Our objective is to identify and cultivate strategic relationships with area businesses and corporations who can help create skill-based learning and work opportunities for individuals with autism 18+ aligned with Full Life Academy classes and the Center for Community Transition. Our goal is to establish formal business partnerships committed to ensuring that individuals with autism and IDD are prepared to explore or volunteer and/or work in the community and create inclusive hiring practices.

Business Advisory Council Members:

Bruce Jones, Chair of BAC and AU Board Member

Mackenzie Martinelli, Chick-fil-A Henrietta

Jeanne Ricigliano, AutismUp Center for Community Transition

Kim Salisbury, Lanovara Specialty Foods

Lindsay Murphy, Rochester Works

Sarah Milko, Executive Director, AutismUp

Laurie Phelps, Strong Museum

Dr. Bryan Harrison, Clinical Psychologist and Autism UP Board member

Ben Tucker, First American

Jen Blake, Excellus BCBS

Expectations of AutismUp Businesss Advisory Council Member Companies

Willing to create opportunities for individuals on the Autism Spectrum Opportunities - can be any or all of the following:

  • Career Exploration (Tours, Presentation, Short (1-2 hrs) hands on experience
  • Job Shadowing (Typically 2-4 hours) (Unpaid)
  • Internships (Typically paid)
  • Full or part time employment

Active participation in our meetings (Typically quarterly)

Provide feedback to AutismUp on our workforce development program

Assist with indentifying other potential BAC member companies

Contact us to learn more.

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