Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver

WHO: People who are diagnosed with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other intellectual or developmental disability. Additionally, they must have a history of or severe risk of wandering, eloping or becoming disoriented as documented in a Life Plan, IEP or medical diagnosis (code Z91.83). Each person is referred to as a “client.”

WHAT: A small transmitter that is worn 24/7 and emits a unique, identifiable radio frequency tracking signal. If the client goes missing, the caregiver will call 911. Trained deputies from the Sheriff’s Office will be dispatched to the area with locator equipment in an attempt to locate the client.

WHY: Project Lifesaver is an extra layer of security. The client needs to already have 24/7 supervision. The caregiver, parent or guardian needs to have a security plan in place with adequate locks and safety devices to prevent the client from wandering or eloping. Project Lifesaver does not replace those security measures but is an addition to those measures to help keep the client safe.

HOW: If the described criteria is met, an enrollment application needs to be completed. The cost of the start-up kit is approximately $350 which includes the transmitter, six bands, six 60 day batteries, tester, “O” ring and lubricant. After the first year, you would need to purchase a battery and replacement band every 45 to 60 days at a combined cost of approximately $5.00 ($30 per year). Financial assistance may be available from outside organizations for those who qualify.

CAREGIVER: The caregiver is responsible for checking the battery daily, replacing the battery every 45 to 60 days, maintaining the transmitter to ensure it’s in proper working order and updating information on an annual or as needed basis with the program coordinator.

If you would like to apply for enrollment in the Monroe County Project Lifesaver program, please complete the enrollment application. It can be found by going to the Community Services tab at If you have any questions or need more information, call (585) 753-4287 or email

ENROLLMENT PROCESS for MONROE COUNTY Submit and Return the Client Profile and Client Agreement --Download: --Phone: 585-753-4287 --In-Person: MCSO Project Lifesaver Coordinator, 130 South Plymouth Ave., Rochester, NY 14614

All applications are screened by the MCSO within one week. Caregivers will contacted and individual, in-person appointments will be scheduled (if all criteria are met).

Payment & Funding Options Private Pay: Debit and Credit are accepted. Payment will be made at the appointment to receive the device. If eligible, families can submit to OPWDD for Family Reimbursement.

Payment Through OPWDD Self-Direction: --Caregivers should contact the care coordinator, broker, and FI to request that Project Lifesaver be added to your self directed budget. --Once the budget amendment has been approved, you can request payment from your FI, using the invoice/quote provided by the MCSO. --When payment has been received, the MCSO will contact you to arrange an appointment to receive the device.

Appointment to Receive Device --Payment will be made directly to the MCSO. --If payment is being made through the use of self-directed funds, payment will be made before this appointment is scheduled. --Client is fitted with transmitter. --Caregiver receives enough bands and batteries for one year. --Caregiver responsibilities are outlined and agreed upon.

Annual Check-In with the MCSO (Required) --Proof of payment for (approximately $30 for a year supply of bands and batteries) --Replacement batteries and bands are distributed

Project Lifesaver is also available in Livingston, Wayne, Ontario, Genesee, Seneca, and Yates counties. Please contact your local sheriff's office for more information.

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