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Senator Schumer Announces Kevin and Avonte's Law

Rochester, N.Y., November 22, 2017:

AutismUp was honored to stand with Senator Chuck Schumer, Monroe County Sheriff Elect Todd Baxter, Mary Cariola and the Alzheimer's Association on behalf of families living with autism at a press conference about the frightening reality of wandering.  Senator Schumer has spearheaded federal legislation to help those with autism and alzheimer's disease by funding technology programs to prevent wandering and help locate missing persons.  The Senator visited Mary Cariola Children's Center to announce that the legislation, Kevin and Avonte's Law, has been resubmitted and this will be the year he hopes to pass it into law. 

The bill will allow parents and caregivers to voluntarily apply to have non-invasive tracking technology attached to their kids that can be used to help locate someone who has wandered away from their home or school.
The Senator thanked all those in the community for their support before taking time to meet with families and children who will benefit from his efforts.   

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