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Sarah Milko

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Milko quickly learned after her 2nd of 3 children was diagnosed with Autism, that other parents where the best resource when it came to getting help and support. In 2005 she got involved in what was once called UNYFEAT, originally for the purpose of simply connecting with other parents in similar situations. In doing so, she quickly realized that more needed to be done to support parents and individuals with ASD. Creating quality supports, services, and programming for children with ASD became a shared vision once she joined this dynamic and tenacious group.

Sarah worked closely with AutismUp’s founding members to establish the organization’s inaugural Board of Directors in 2007. From there, she helped launch the organization’s very first autism awareness fundraiser in 2008. Shortly after, Sarah worked with this dedicated team to start AutismUp’s very first summer social skills education program at Camp Arrowhead in collaboration with the YMCA. This has since become the organization’s flagship program. In fact, the model from which it was created is replicated throughout all AutismUp’s current programs today. Sarah has played many roles within AutismUp but most recently settled in to what has become her most important role yet—that of the organization’s first Executive Director.

In this capacity, she brings to the table her 17 years of experience working as Chief of Staff for a once prominent local NYS Member of the Assembly as well as her former experience as a Legislative analyst and fundraiser for various NYS and federal political campaigns. Her professional experience coupled with her personal drive as a parent of a child with autism, continue to be at the core of her dedication to AutismUp. Sarah, a resident of Penfield and a graduate of Canisius College, is dedicated to making AutismUp the premier Autism organization in the Rochester Region. Most importantly, she leads her dedicated team in their shared vision to create a clear and successful path to the future for all local individuals living with ASD.

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