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Safety Awareness

Safety Awareness is a fun and interactive class designed to learn basic safety awareness from our own Monroe County First Responders. Each department will teach individuals strategies surrounding personal safety, including communicating effectively with our first responders. Individuals will participate in hands-on activities and role plays that will provide an opportunity to practice the skills and awareness they are learning in class. Building confidence, relationships, personal safety, and social readiness are just a few goals of the dynamic class of Safety Awareness.

Category: Readiness Class

Ages: 16+

Criteria: Participants of all abilities, open to the public

Goals: Social readiness, personal safety, relationship building, problem-solving, executive functioning skills

Outcomes: Confidence, Increase Safety Awareness

Various Locations in Monroe County: Examples Below!

  • Monroe County Courthouse-Court Operations and Entry Screenings
  • Public Safety Training Facility-Safety Awareness, Traffic Stops and Police Encounters
  • Frederick Douglass Greater International Airport-Security and Protocol when traveling
  • Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit –Discuss Water Safety with members of the Scuba Team
  • $420
  • Jan 18 - Mar 28
  • Safety Awareness
    • Thursday1:00pm - 3:00pm

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