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Boys Zone

Tailored to the unique experiences of young boys, the class focuses on communication, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. Through engaging exercises, the participants will learn to navigate social situations with confidence while fostering friendships and building a foundation for positive relationships. The class provides a supportive environment where each participant is free to express themselves, cultivating essential social skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Category: Social Class

Ages: 6-12

Criteria: Participants of all abilities, open to the public

Goals: Joint attention, social communication, turn taking

Outcomes: Eye-contact, appropriate greetings/question-asking/social responses, sharing/turn-taking, participation in group activities

  • $420
  • Jul 10 - Sep 18
  • Boys Zone I
    • Wednesday4:30pm - 5:25pm
  • $420
  • Jul 13 - Sep 21
  • Boys Zone II
    • Saturday9:15am - 10:10am
Youth Social On Site Winter Summer

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