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Exploring Sensations

Exploring Sensations is a class designed to engage participants (ages 3+) in a variety of sensory experiences at our innovative Multi-Sensory Learning Environment

Exploring Sensations is a class provided at Autism Up that allows participants to practice and enhance their sensory regulation skills. In exploring sensations, we set up an environment and create conditions that allow participants to be exposed to situations in a comfortable, relaxed setting. The equipment we have is set up thoughtfully to encourage exploration of environments and provides more input than a home or gym. Participants who are fearful of movement might be overwhelmed at a public park or gym. People who crave intense movement might be “breaking the rules” or disruptive in public spaces, and have difficulty engaging with peers. The classes are unstructured and staff guide participants through activities at their own pace. Staff motivate participants to take risks and encourage them to raise their self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. The activities are individualized and do not achieve a greater purpose, beside sensory input. By allowing them an outlet to reach their sensory threshold, they are likely to become familiar with that feeling and more comfortable with the movements of their body.

Category: Sensory Class

Ages: 3+

Criteria: Participants of all abilities, open to the public

Goals: Improved sensory awareness and sensory regulation, vestibular input, tactile input, auditory input, proprioceptive input

Outcomes: Increased comfort navigating environments and participation

Duration: 12 weeks

Rate: $ 480 / Full session

  • $480
  • Apr 07 - Jun 23
  • Tuesday 4:15p-4:55p
    • Tuesday4:15pm - 4:55pm
  • $480
  • Apr 07 - Jun 23
  • Tuesday 5:05p-5:45p
    • Tuesday5:05pm - 5:45pm
  • $480
  • Apr 07 - Jun 23
  • Tuesday 5:55p-6:35p
    • Tuesday5:55pm - 6:35pm
  • $480
  • Apr 08 - Jun 24
  • Wednesday 4:15p-4:55p
    • Wednesday4:15pm - 4:55pm
  • $480
  • Apr 08 - Jun 24
  • Wednesday 5:05p-5:45p
    • Wednesday5:05pm - 5:45pm
  • $480
  • Apr 08 - Jun 24
  • Wednesday 5:55p-6:35p
    • Wednesday5:55pm - 6:35pm
  • $480
  • Apr 11 - Jun 27
  • Saturday 10:00a-10:40a
    • Saturday10:00am - 10:40am
  • $480
  • Apr 11 - Jun 27
  • Saturday 10:45a-11:25a
    • Saturday10:45am - 11:25am
  • $480
  • Apr 11 - Jun 27
  • Saturday 11:30a-12:10p
    • Saturday11:30am - 12:10pm
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