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Minecraft (Remote)

Remote Minecraft will allow participants to access AU's Minecraft world from the comfort of their own home and instantly connect with friends all over the community. Minecraft is a class designed for participants to use interests in Minecraft to improve computer skills and to engage in socialization and peer relationship development skills in a non-threatening way. Skills and strategies for turn-taking, working collaboratively, and social problem solving will be targeted through team projects, missions, and goals. Staff will support participants as much or as little as needed, challenging them to navigate Minecraft, practice programming skills, and improve technology savvy. To provide additional social opportunities, participants will be offered to utilize the Discord Application throughout Remote Minecraft classes. The Discord Application allows participants to talk with each other verbally instead of messaging in the actual game!

Category: Social Class

Ages: 7+

Criteria: Open to the public/participants of all abilities

Goals: Improve social skills, problem-solving skills, improving computer skills

Outcomes: Peer-relationships, Minecraft competency, managing emotions while interacting with peers

Duration: 12 Weeks

Rate(s): $240/Full Session (Class Weekly); $390/Full Session (Class 2x Weekly): $510/Full Session (Class 3x Weekly); $535/Full Session (Class 4x Weekly, includes "Survival Saturday" Minecraft)

* See "Survival Saturday" Minecraft class description for further details on the added fun and excitement!


* Program Operations Director will follow-up with each participant enrolled to provide Remote Minecraft Guidelines and Expectations

** Parents and/or Caregivers are responsible to monitor messaging within the gaming system if needed to ensure safety precautions are followed

  • $240
  • Sep 19 - Dec 12
  • Minecraft (Mondays 5:30pm)
    • Monday5:30pm - 6:30pm
  • $390
  • Sep 19 - Dec 17
  • Minecraft (Class 2x Weekly)
  • $510
  • Sep 19 - Dec 17
  • Minecraft (Class 3x Weekly)
  • $535
  • Sep 19 - Dec 17
  • Minecraft (Class 4x Weekly, includes "Survival Saturday")
  • $240
  • Sep 20 - Dec 13
  • Minecraft (Tuesdays 6pm)
    • Tuesday6:00pm - 7:00pm
  • $240
  • Sep 21 - Dec 14
  • Minecraft (Wednesdays 7pm)
    • Wednesday7:00pm - 8:00pm
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