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Services & Support

Services & Support

AutismUp provides specialized support services designed to fulfill the many unique needs of our member families and the community, to grow the entirety of one's circle of support. As a parent-driven, parent-led organization, we appreciate what it means to truly "support" parents caring for, professionals working with, and businesses serving individuals with autism, and we've developed one-of-a-kind services to address these needs. In addition to over 3,100 families living with autism, our membership includes a network of autism professionals, community organizations and volunteers. We support individuals, families, businesses, schools and many more.

Learn more about our support services and training offerings, all customizable to your needs:

Center for Community Transition/Transition Planning | Young Ambassador Board Program | Darkness to Light - End Child Sexual Abuse | Family Navigation | Lending Library | Mutual Aid Projects | Parent Coaching | Parent & Family Education | Private Online Parent Discussion Groups | Scholarship Program | Sibling Support | Training for the Community | Training & Certification for Business and Organizations




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