Support Services

Support Services

At AutismUp, we specialize in offering tailored support services that cater to the unique needs of both our member families and the wider community. Our mission is to strengthen and broaden your circle of support. As a parent-driven and parent-led organization, we possess invaluable insights into assisting parents caring for, professionals working with, and businesses serving individuals with autism. We have meticulously crafted a suite of distinctive services to meet these diverse needs.

Our membership extends beyond 3,400 families living with autism, encompassing a dynamic network of autism professionals, community organizations, and dedicated volunteers. We are committed to providing assistance to individuals, families, businesses, schools, and many others who are touched by autism. Let AutismUp be your partner on your journey towards greater support and understanding.

Learn more about our support services and training offerings, all customizable to your needs:

Center for Community Transition/Transition Planning | Young Ambassador Board Program | Darkness to Light - End Child Sexual Abuse | Family Navigation | Lending Library | Mutual Aid Projects | Parent Coaching | Parent & Family Education | Private Online Parent Discussion Groups | Scholarship Program | Sibling Support | Training for the Community | Training & Certification for Business and Organizations

To view our upcoming Parent and Caregiver Training Sessions, Workshops, Support Groups, and Speaker events, please visit the "Classes and Workshops" section of our website, or click on a link below. Stay informed and engaged with our enriching programs designed to support you on your journey.

Parent/Caregiver Meetups (support group)
Now offering Early Childhood Parent Meetups, 18+ Parent Meetups,
Spanish Meetups, Dad's Meetups & Taboo Topic Meetups

Grandparent Meetups (support group)
Parents and Caregiver Workshops
Parent Effectiveness Program (PEP)
NextUp Parent Workshops (transition and adult topics)

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